Innovation, technology and research for over 30 years: these are the guidelines on which our activity is based, the added value of our service and the strength of our professional expertise that turns training and updating into useful growth tools.


Experimentation, engineering and sustainability are the core values we believe in and define exactly what we do.

Each project is the result of a meticulous study of the problems and requirements of each individual counter-party. Each proposal is the most effective response to meet your demands. We share the goals of your company and to guarantee this aspect we have chosen some of the most important international companies in the production of components as our partners.


Unconventional engineering intuitions, courage in creating original solutions, vision in imagining the finished project allow us to create unique water treatment machines capable of handling complex problems with ease.

We have an enthusiastic outlook towards the future, ready to face new challenges and find new inspirations that are the starting point for reaching further goals and objectives.


We design targeted solutions that meet even the most complex demands; we develop and put each project into operation thanks to extensive experience gained directly on the field; we install the most effective product to optimise the final result.

Our goal is to meet your demands



DB IMPIANTI was founded in 1992 by Giancarlo De Biasi, a sensitive and curious person born in 1955 who immediately showed a keen interest in researching the logic and functionality of things, so as to understand not only their nature, but also their uses, whether conventional and unusual. A talent that has allowed him over the years to develop exceptional expertise in finding solutions to every problem.


With over 20 years of experience in the design and construction of plant systems, in particular in the water treatment and purification industry, Giancarlo followed his instinct and, in 1992, founded DB Impianti. A courageous decision based on the awareness of being able to count on the soundness of two fundamental drivers: a technical aspect which is the result of his extensive experience gained in the industry, and an innovative aspect generated by the constant desire to research, test and use cutting-edge technologies developed in the relative sectors.


DB Impianti used its exceptional entrepreneurial capacity, the prospects of the gradual development of this sector and also a favourable economic situation resulting from a decade in which the Italian economy was fairly stable and strong, to achieve outstanding and highly satisfactory results. The growth prospects attracted Giancarlo’s son, Alessandro, to join the company in 1996 who, thanks to the guidance of his father and a natural predisposition, quickly became a key reference point for both customers and suppliers.


The years following the time that Alessandro joined the company were, for DB Impianti, definitely the most memorable ones. This was confirmed by the company’s business decisions which, in just 3 years, led to an increase in turnover and the setting of new corporate goals: the decision to move to a new location along with the recruitment of new employees. The results are sealed by a symbolic handover from father to son, the result of the transfer of knowledge from Giancarlo to Alessandro.


The intergenerational handover took place earlier than expected, with the passing of Giancarlo in 1999. Alessandro was shaken with grief but convinced with the idea of continuing along the path traced by his father.


The new start was not without difficulties: some customers went in different directions, thinking they could no longer count on the services of a technically skilled company, and the company employees who had preconceptions in dealing with a new owner who was considered too young and, at that time, not up to the task in hand, led to the company’s gradual decline.


Applying what he had learnt so far and doing it in a right, honest, fair and healthy manner was the only way to start again but with a new vision based on the term: Right!

“Putting ourselves to the test – explains Alessandro – led us to realise that life is not what happens to you, but it is what you do with what happens to you. And if you do so in a right, honest, fair and healthy manner, you win!”


Today DB Impianti boasts a brand new image, not only for the technical quality of its services, but also due to the awareness of its work which aims to search for and deliver the best possible solutions tailored to meet the demands of its customers, enhancing technical expertise and business transparency. The proposed solutions provide advantages for the customer, the community and the company itself, creating a virtuous circle founded on cornerstones such as fairness, skills and ability.


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